Good Sense & The Faithless

by Michelle T. Clinton

Good Sense & The Faithless

This is a poem about the triumph
of shattered divinity
for example/ the god of orgasm sometimes
makes an ugly face
the anti-god of time hangs out w/
the pseudo god of rent money
the first & last god I call on lives
at the bottom of my gut
where bits of smashed gods fell into me

If it weren’t for the broken gods
I wouldn’t have none.

— “More Gods Means Less Slavery”

Michelle T. Clinton’s second book of poetry, is a bold exploration of powerful themes, from everyday acts of love and hate in the ghetto to gestures of political and sexual survival in a postmodern no-woman’s land.

Good Sense & The Faithless is about abuse and survival, about the twisted and obstacle-strewn path towards love in the late twentieth century.

“As always, Clinton delivers her message in a language that tears, burns, and cries with the supercharged rhythms of the city and the sonic leaps of a soul that will not rest until Love is restored.”—Reuben Martinez

6 x 9 inches • 94 pages • ISBN 0-931122-75-9 • $9.95