Insides She Swallowed

Pimentel Chacón

Insides She Swallowed by Sasha Pimentel Chacón

A pomengranate
is opened like this:
gutted like a fish,
its entrails glow.

Spill out the millions

of seeds who crouch
and hurt like your mother—

Suck them dry

and your tongue
will grow small
as you learn to shrink

before children, waving your hands
before their glossy eyes.

This is the taste
of memory, sweet pluck of
death. Later, teach them
to eat as you have, the broken

fruit flesh of your own
body, its hard growths tart
in your mouth, nervous and rising.

— “Learning to Eat”

Passionate and sensuous, these poems address both the mind and body of the reader.

A verbal magician, a show-stopping performer, the author educates, stimulates and moves us, through her realization and empowerment of images.

Her love of family, familiarity with death, sexualization of everyday life, politics of liberation—these themes are transformed before our eyes into kindling and fed to a flame of such intensity as is rarely found in contemporary poetry.

6 x 9 inches • 80 pages
ISBN 978-0-9816693-8-0 • $13.95