Watsonville / Circle in the Dirt

by Cherríe Moraga

Watsonville: Some Place Not Here / Circle in the Dirt: El Pueblo de East Palo Alto

This volume of plays confronts the changing California landscape of the 1990s, as anti-immigration, anti-youth, and English Only legislation impacts already impoverished farmworker towns and urban communities.

Both plays were developed through interviews conducted with residents in the towns of Watsonville and East Palo Alto. But they are more than reports of the times. In vividly realized drama, Moraga shows the communities mounting their own bold resistance to cultural domination and the threat of economic enslavement. The indigenous and feminist consciousness of the two communities brings them together to struggle against their oppressors, from within and without.

6 x 9 inches • 165 pages • ISBN 0-9705344-5-0 • $15.95