West End Press
P.O. Box 27334
Albuquerque, NM 87125
Telephone: (505) 345-5729
Fax: (505) 345-5729

Ordering in Quantity

For trade orders (bookstores, libraries, and distributors) please contact the University of New Mexico Press order department: (800) 249-7737 or (505) 272-7777 or

You may also fax orders to: (800) 622-8667 or (505) 272-7778.

UNM Press
Order Department
1312 Basehart Rd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106-4363


We publish creative works of fiction, drama, poetry, and memoir, emphasizing political and social issues, personal resilience, and working class and multicultural content. Browse our site for a better idea of the kinds of books we publish.

If you think we would be an appropriate publisher of your manuscript, please send us a query or proposal by email or traditional post. Please include:

  • • a one-page cover letter introducing yourself and your qualifications
  • • a brief description of your work
  • • a sample chapter, scene from a play, or group of poems
    (Please write for approval before sending a lengthy manuscript via email or post.)

We will do our best to respond to your query within twelve weeks of receipt.

Permissions and Rights

If you want to request permission to reprint or use text or images from our books, please send us a letter or fax with your specific request, giving material to be printed, publisher, pages, date, price, and intended audience. Allow three weeks for response.

Exam and Review Copies

If you are a college professor, book reviewer, program director or producer, or events coordinator and would like to request a desk copy or review copy, please contact West End Press by request letter or fax showing a letterhead. Professors should include course information, expected enrollment, and when the course will be taught.