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Before You Become Improbable by Nick DePascal


$ 12.95

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This debut poetry collection tackles issues as various as marriage, parenting, death, art, illness, the home and the workplace, viewing the everyday through a magical and surreal lens. The poems coalesce naturally around cycles of the seasons and the emotions.

Before You Become Improbable won the West End Poetry Prize for a first volume in 2013.

6 x 9 • 52 pages • ISBN 978-0-9910742-3-5

If poetry can be prayer, this book is indeed a praise song to the foibles of modern life. From the humorous dissections of corporate life to the wry and tender takes on marriage, these poems are ‘hymns to beauty’ of the everyday: funny, profane, profoundly moving.”

–Lisa Chavez

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Nick DePascal lives in Albuquerque with his wife and son, three dogs, and three chickens. He teaches English at the University of New Mexico.