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Nome Poems


$ 11.95

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Poet and fiddler Ken Waldman has lived in Alaska for more than twenty years, reading and performing at hundreds of venues. He has taught at the University of Alaska in Nome and Sitka, and frequently travels to Native villages and rural communities where he shares his writing and music with students. This prolific performer has produced more than two dozen chapbooks and has published more than 250 poems and stories. This is Waldman’s first full volume of poetry. In it he describes Nome and his relations with the citizens of this frontier town, his role as a musician and school teacher, a personal crisis in Seattle, and the plane crash that almost cost his life.

Ken Waldman is the real thing! He lets himself be a vessel–for stories, music, that far norther place he has chosen as home–and transmits it all as a wondrous, authentic blend, replete with humor and heart.

Naomi Shihab Nye