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The Fever of Being


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This bilingual series of poems ranges in mood from comic to tragic, vividly dealing with events in Luis Alberto Urrea’s life inside the Hispanic and Anglo border cultures. The book won the Western States Book Award in 1994 and a Colorado Book Award in 1995. This is the first of three published collections of poetry by the Chicano writer, editor, and visual artist.

6 x 9 inches • 82 pages • ISBN 0-931122-78-3

I’m taken with the brio of this book, its macho, its almost ‘feverish’ inventiveness… While the poetry isn’t explicitly political, it roots in the underclass, slants toward rebellion, banditry. Throughout, the book breathes a Mexican, Southwest American life, impassioned, closely observed, sometimes… very funny.”

Poetry Flash

Luis Alberto Urrea was born in Tijuana, Mexico, to an American mother and a Mexican father. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, in 1977, and has taught in a variety of venues including Harvard University and the University of Chicago. He has received a Lannan Literary Award and an American Book Award, and been inducted into the Latino Literary Hall of Fame. Urrea is the author of nearly a dozen volumes of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, including Across the Wire (1993), The Devil’s Highway (2005), and The Hummingbird’s Daughter (2006).